"My daughter loves coming to TC Orthodontics. The people are so nice. She looks forward to coming in each month." Randy B.
"I have been very impressed with the professional care I've received at TC Orthodontics. Dr. Chad and his team are friendly, courteous and competent!" Linda K.
"The staff at TC Orthodontics is knowledgeable, efficient and professional." Steve S.
"It's a great feeling to know we have found the perfect orthodontist for our family." Sara Y.
"Dr. Chad and his team are friendly, courteous and competent!" Linda K.

Welcome to TC Orthodontics


With healthy, straight teeth, your smile will brim with confidence. At TC Orthodontics, we love to help each of our patients develop a beautiful smile for a lifetime. Dr. Chad Kelly, Dr. Sarah Soltys LarsenDr. Alisa Madson, and Dr. Rachel Hoganson are experienced orthodontists who will develop a personal treatment plan for you, and gently shift your teeth for the most incredible smile.

Our friendly and enthusiastic team members will make all aspects of your orthodontic journey enjoyable. Each of us is a people person: We love getting to know our patients on a first-name basis and becoming friends with them. Every visit is a chance to see how the new smile is progressing and to catch up on the latest news from a friend. No wonder we’re so happy to come to work!

The smile-creating care offered at TC Orthodontics includes:

Before starting orthodontic care, it’s important for you to find a practice where you’ll receive top-notch care, provided by people you like and trust. You also need to know your treatment options and what your treatment will entail. We invite you to schedule a complimentary consultation at one of our five offices that serve the Twin Cities, in Bloomington, Maple Grove, Burnsville, Red Wing, and Apple Valley, MN. Come in, meet the team, receive a free orthodontic assessment, and learn about treatment solutions.

Everyone at TC Orthodontics looks forward to welcoming you to our smile family and making your smile dreams a reality!