What Sets Us Apart

The Mission of TC Orthodontics

At TC Orthodontics, we are dedicated to providing quality orthodontic care in a warm and friendly environment. When you’re in our care, your comfort and smile dreams are our top priority. Dr. Chad Kelly, Dr. Rachel Hart, Dr. Molly McMahon, Dr. Alisa Madson, Dr. Sarah Soltys Larson, and Dr. Keith Kemnitz, along with our orthodontic team, are passionate about the difference orthodontic care makes in the lives of our patients.

Every day we witness amazing transformations happen, as someone who’s been ashamed of their crooked teeth sees their new smile taking shape. They begin to walk with a firmer step, holding their head up, and they smile and laugh, openly and fully. We love creating confident, healthy smiles for people; we’d love to create one for you, too!

You Are Our Priority

You will never be another mouth in the chair or number on a chart to anyone at TC Orthodontics. We take pride in the relationships we develop with each person in our care: relationships based on compassion, trust, and respect. We want to get to know you as the remarkable individual you are and build a friendship with you.

It’s essential you know we are here for you, at every step of the treatment process. From your first visit, for a complimentary consultation, we’ll spend time talking with you and encouraging your questions. We’d like you to be engaged in deciding which treatments will work best for you, and to understand all aspects of your care, including your responsibilities.

Ours is a fun, friendly orthodontic practice. You’ll be surrounded by smiles and laughter from your fellow patients and from our team. Our patients say they enjoy visiting us and we know we love seeing them!

Our Commitment to Customer Care

Making the decision to have orthodontic treatment is a big step. We think it’s important you find an orthodontic practice where you’ll receive the highest level of care, with an array of proven treatment options, provided by people you like and trust. We promise always to:

  • Treat you with compassion and respect, as we would a family member
  • Make ethical treatment recommendations
  • Provide care in a safe, welcoming environment, where we listen to you
  • Be responsive to your concerns

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TC Orthodontics has five office locations, in Bloomington, Maple Grove, BurnsvilleRed Wing, and Apple Valley, MN. Please call today to schedule a consultation at the location nearest to you. We look forward to starting you on the path to a beautiful, confident smile that will change your world!

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